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Staff List for Academic Year 2023– 2024

Leadership Group

Mr A Blount


Ms H Dalton

Deputy Headteacher - Progress and Standards, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

 Ms M Hurriaga  Deputy Headteacher - Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

 Mr J Lewis

 Deputy Headteacher - Personal Development

 Ms A Norris

 Director of Safeguarding and Wellbeing (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

 Mrs C Viner

 School Business Manager

Mr B Williams

Assistant Headteacher - Progress and Standards KS5

 Mrs P Bongout

 Assistant Headteacher - Progress and Standards KS3

 Mr M Bournat

 Assistant Headteacher - Character Development, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

 Mr A Boutall

 Assistant Headteacher - Character Curriculum

 Mr T Daley

 Assistant Headteacher - Progress and Standards KS4

 Mr J Davis

 Associate Assistant Head -  KS5 Data & Assessment

Head of Year

Mrs K Brazier

Head of Year 7

 Mrs J Mehta

 Head of Year 8

Miss R Jordan

Head of Year 9

Mrs A Meader

 Head of Year 10

Mr S Koukouvitakis

Head of Year 11

 Mrs B Fakorede

 Head of Year 12


 Miss J Ricketts


Heads of Department / Subject Leader


Mr A Begbey


 Mr A Boutall

 Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) & Assistant Headteacher

Mr R Burn

Geography, Environmental Science

Mr P Deane

Classical Civilisation

Miss N Faith


Mr S Flanagan


 Miss S Hau

 Modern Foreign Languages

Mr P Hunt


 Mrs C Jackson

 RPE (KS3 & KS4)

 Mrs V Lacey

 German & Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

 Mrs J Lebreuilly


 Mrs L Maryam


 Mr S Mills


Ms I Montero-Garcia


 Mrs C Ogando-Cerdeira


 Ms M Boyle


 Ms S Renganathan


Miss D Roots

Physical Education

 Mrs N Cameron


Mrs N Smith


Mr M Stokes


List of Teaching Staff


Subject Taught/Post

 Mr J Anthony, QTS, PGCE, BA


 Miss A Bailey  Mathematics

Mrs E Ballaster, BA, PGCE

French and Spanish

 Mrs P Bayraktar, BSc


 Mr D Beavan  Mathematics

Mr A Begbey, BSc, PGCE

Head of Chemistry, Science

 Mrs K Beney, BA


 Mr A Blount, MA, BSc, QTS

 Headteacher, Biology

 Mrs P Bongout

 Assistant Headteacher, Teacher of MFL

 Mr A Botley, BSc, PGCE, QTS


Mr M Bournat, MA, BA, PGCE

Assistant Headteacher, RPE, Politics

 Mr A Boutall, MA, BA, QTS

 Assistant Headteacher, Head of PPE

 Ms M Boyle  Head of Physics

 Mrs M Burrows, QTS, PGCE, BSc


 Mrs K Brazier, MA, BA Hons, PGCE, QTS

 Head of Year 7, English

Mr R Burn, BSc, PGCE

Head of Geography, Educational Visits Co-ordinator

 Mrs N Cameron, QTS, BSc  Head of DT

Mrs E Casey, MA, PGCE (Equiv. Cologne)


 Mrs H Chidgey, BA, PGCE, QTS  Design Technology
 Mrs R Choudhury  Chemistry

Miss R Cottle, MA, BA, PGCE

English, Literacy Lead

 Ms R Cunningham  Geography

 Mr T Daley

 Assistant Headteacher, Teacher of PE

 Mrs H Dalton

 Deputy Headteacher, DSL, Head of Sixth Form, Teacher of History

 Mr J Davis, BSC, PGCE

 Associate Assistant Head, Mathematics

Mr P Deane, MA, PGCE

Head of Classical Civilisation, English

 Mrs D Deepak  Psychology

Miss L Denton, MSc, BSc, PGCE. MEd. MInstP CPhys


 Ms A Dhar, BTech, PGCE


 Mrs N D'Silva, QTS, PGCE, MSc


Mrs V Eason, BSc, PGCE

Physical Education

Ms N Faith, BA, PGCE

Head of Art

 Miss E Farley, BA, PGCE, QTS


Mr K Fernando, BSc, PGCE


 Mr S Flanagan, BSc, BMus, PGCE, QTS  Head of Music

Miss R Garswood, BSc, PGCE


 Mr D Giles, PGCE, QTS  Science

 Miss S Hau, BSc, PGCE, QTS

 Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Mr P Hunt, MSc, BSc, HND, PGCE

Head of Computing

 Mr R Inman, BA, QTS  Design Technology

Mrs C Jackson, BA Hons, PGCE

Head of RPE (KS3)

 Miss R Jordan, MSc, PGCE  Head of Year 9, Chemistry

  Mr S Koukouvitakis, BSPhy, PGCE

 Science, Head of Year 11

 Miss M Lau, LLB, PGCE

 Deputy Head of English

 Mr P Leaton, BSc, PGCE, QTS


 Mrs J Lebreuilly, BSc, CPE, LPC, PGCE

 Head of Biology

Mr J Lewis, BA, PGCE 

Deputy Headteacher, English

 Mrs D Locay Medina


 Miss Y Lu, BSc, PGCE, QTS  Chemistry
 Miss F Mallett, BA, PGCE, QTS  Drama

Mr A Mansell, BSc, PGCE


 Mrs L Maryam, BEd, BA, MA

 Head of Economics

 Mrs J Masters, BEd, BA, QTS  Design Technology
 Mr L McKenna, PGCE, QTS  Mathematics

Mrs A Meader, BEd

Head of Year 10, Physical Education

 Mrs J Mehta, BCa, QTS

 Head of Year 8, Computer Science

 Mr S Mills, BA, Econ, PGCE

 Head of Mathematics

Ms I Montero-Garcia, BA, PGCE

Head of Spanish, French

 Miss H Morland, BSC

 Mathematics, DofE Leader

 Mr O Muresan, BA, QTS

 Physical Education

 Mrs C Ogando-Cerdeira, PGCE, MSc

 Head of Psychology

 Mr M Ogretme, MSc, BSc, QTS

 Head of Physics

 Mr T O'Neill, MA, BA, PGCE


Mr N Patrick, BSc, PGCE


 Mx S Pimpicka, BA

 Art, Design Technology

 Mr J Pitrik  Design Technology

Ms S Renganathan, BA, PGCE

Head of English 

 Miss S Robinson, BA, MRes, PGCE

 Science, Oxbridge Co-ordinator

Miss D Roots, BSc, QTS

Head of Physical Education

 Mrs S Saravanann, BSc, PGCE, QTS  Chemistry

 Mr J Sheehan, BSc,PGCE


Miss P Sitambuli, MSc, BSc, PGCE


 Miss T Sivapooranan, MEng, PGCE, QTS  Chemistry

Mrs N Smith, BA, PGCE

Head of History

Mr M Stokes, BA, PGCE 

Head of Drama

 Mrs N Tebib-Deverson, BA, QTS, PGCE  MFL

 Mx M Topan, QTS, BSc

 Computer Science

 Dr T Uzoka, QTS, B.Eng, NSc, PHD


Miss C Viggers, BA, PGCE

English; KS3 Leader for English

  Miss E Wheeler, MSc, PGCE, QTS


 Mr B Williams

 Assistant Headteacher, Teacher of PE

Mrs X Zhang, MA, BA


List of Support Staff

Office and Administration

  Mrs K Buick


  Mrs V Burchill   Sixth Form Administrator

  Miss R Catlin

  HR Assistant

  Mrs J Clarke-McDermott


  Miss C Elrick   Administrator

Mrs C Green

Careers Coordinator

  Mrs S Harunani   Fundraising Campaign Manager

Mrs S O'Brien

Attendance Officer

  Mrs K Oliver   PA to Headteacher

  Mrs V Platt

  Exams Officer

  Mrs J Ristic-Smith

  MIS Manager

  Mrs K Torres   HR and Office Manager

Dr E Wanostrocht, PhD, BSc

Admissions Registrar, Assessment Data Administrator

Modern Foreign Language Assistants

  Ms M Garcia-Lopez

  Foreign Language Assistant (Spanish)

Mrs V Simpson, Licence in English Literature Studies.

Foreign Language Assistant (French)

Subject Technicians

  Mr A Andrews

  DT Technician/Outdoor Ed Coordinator

  Mrs C Britton BDen

  Science Technician

  Mrs I Calfa

  Science Technician

  Mrs L Frost   Drama Currisulum Assistant

  Mrs R Gill

  Science Technician

  Mrs T Kolte

  DT Technician

  Mrs R Moorhouse

  Art Technician

  Miss E Mooney

  Apprentice Science Technician

 Ms S Odoemelam  Art Technician

Mrs L Willis

Science Technician

  Science Learning Partnership & Computer Science Hub Office

  Mrs P Bull

  Science Learning Partnership and Computer Science Hub Project Lead

  Mrs H Lavelle

  Computer Science Hub Administrator

  Mrs J Vallely

  Science Learning Partnership Administrator


 Mr W Ahmed   Senior IT Technician

  Mr L Wright

  IT Technician

Site Team

Mr P Oyesola

Site Manager

Mr K Gould

Maintenance and Ground Worker

  Mr A Riches

  Maintenance and Ground Worker

  Mr U Segaran

  Maintenance and Ground Worker


  Mrs C Viner

  School Business Manager

Mrs M Farmer

Finance Officer

Mrs L Johnson

Finance Officer

Student Support

  Mrs M Arscott

  Student Support

  Miss E Mullins



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