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Year 9 PE

Guidance for parents

What will students study in PE this year?

Students will develop and refine skills learned in years 7 and 8.  They will become more competent and confident in their techniques, and be able to apply them more effectively across different sports and physical activities.  Students will also increase their understanding of how to make their performances more effective through use of tactics and more advanced compositional techniques.  They will continue to evaluate others to help them improve performances, by giving feedback to improve skill and tactics/composition.  Students will also be expected to evaluate their own work in order to improve further.  We will try to help them develop their confidence and interest in order to encourage them to get involved in exercise, sports and activities out of school and in later life.  They will also develop their knowledge of how fitness affects their performance and health, when they carry out fitness tests to analyse their own fitness and when they plan fitness programmes to develop muscle strength and endurance.

Students will be taught to:

§ use a range of tactics and strategies to overcome opponents in direct competition through team and individual games (football, netball, rounders, and tennis)

§ develop their technique and improve their performance in other competitive sports (athletics and gymnastics)

§ perform dances and gym routines using advanced compositional techniques

§ analyse their performances compared to previous ones in order to enable improvement through progressive performances

§ take part in competitive sports and activities in lessons and during extracurricular inter-house activities

What are the major assessments this year?

At the end of each unit of work students will be assessed on their performance of physical skills in practices and their application of skills in a performance/game.  They are also assessed on their ability to peer evaluate and on the knowledge demonstrated in their health related fitness lessons.  They will have a test on their work in health related fitness during their year 9 exam week.

What will the current performance grade be based on, and what do the levels mean?

The current performance grades are based on all the work students’ complete this year, with the emphasis being on their application of skills in performing situations, in all of the activities undertaken.  All students are given a PE booklet at the start of year 7 which describes the levels and the differences between them.  This booklet is to be used throughout year 7, 8, and 9 so students can set themselves targets and have a clear understanding how to achieve their goals.  This PE booklet is also used as a record of achievement.

What should my daughter do if she feels she is struggling in the subject?

In the first instance, she should speak to her subject teacher. She should try to identify specific areas of the subject which she finds challenging so that targeted support can be offered.   Early morning, lunchtime and after school clubs are also offered throughout the year for students to attend to enhance their skills further.

How can I support my daughter in Year 9?

The best way to provide general support for Year 9 students is by talking to them about their work in the subject and how things are going.  Encourage your daughter to attend at least two extra-curricular clubs a week and promote an active lifestyle and healthy eating habits.

What kind of independent work should my daughter complete?

Students should aim to take part in at least two sports clubs a week on top of the two hours of P.E. offered during curriculum time.  These can be extra-curricular clubs offered at school, or clubs outside of school.  Students may wish to compete in one of the school teams and therefore are expected to regularly attend the school club.

Who can I contact for further advice and information?

Please feel free to contact the Head of PE, Miss Roots, on droots@newsteadwood.co.uk

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