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Meet the Head Student Team

Welcome from Oliver Stubbs, Head Student

Subjects studied: Maths, Further Maths and Physics

Welcome to Newstead Wood School. I am Oli Stubbs, the current Head Student. I would like to start by warmly introducing you to the school and to the Head Student Team of 2018/19. It is a very strong team with a range of personalities that all work beautifully together. We all have a love of the school and will consistently apply our full efforts in constantly to carry out our duties to the highest standard.  Robyn, Ivana and I all proposed policies at the start of our campaign. I promise these will not be forgotten and will be implemented where possible in an effort to improve the school.

I joined Newstead this at the start of Year 12. In my relatively short time here I have seen that it really is at a level above the rest. This is one of the reasons why I love it so much and was passionate about becoming Head Student. I am the Head Student in charge of Upper School. The main focus of these two year groups is obviously GCSE’s. This means a lot of exams and potential exam stress. My main aim as Head Student is to maximise student morale and engagement around the school. I am a bubbly character myself and think that it is important everybody is as happy as they can possibly be, especially during their youth. Your happiness has an incredible impact on how well you learn. I understand the impact of mental illness and I want to work my hardest to support and help all those at Newstead to maintain positive mental health and wellbeing so that they can succeed.

I study Maths, Further Maths and Physics. I enjoy problem solving and trying to figure out ‘how stuff works’. However, I also have an interest in fashion and you can quite often find me in the DT block. Outside of school, I thrive on being kept busy. Some things I enjoy are skateboarding, eating, making clothes, watching TV shows and movies and going out. I spend a lot of my time working at a local Golf Club.

I look forward to representing Newstead Wood School, giving speeches, fundraising, organising year 13 leavers and working with Robyn, Ivana and the School Parliament to further improve the school and improve myself as a person. I also want to remind everyone at the school, teachers and students, that they can come to me, whatever the reason, even if it’s just that you want to get to know me better and have a wonderful conversation. I am always approachable and can usually be found in the sixth form block at lunch or break times. If you can’t find me just leave me a note in my office and I’ll come to you or you can email me.



Welcome from Robyn Mearns, Deputy Head Student

Subjects studied: Biology, Chemistry, Classical Civilisations & English Literature

I’m Robyn, Deputy Head Student here at Newstead Wood School. I am so excited for this coming year and to take on all the responsibilities that this entails - initiating our campaign promises, the prom, yearbook, hoodies, Sixth Form revue and speeches at various events to name a few! The Head Student Team this year is one of the strongest yet, we are an amazing blend of personalities. Our goals are to further improve the already excellent mental health support at Newstead and to improve the connection between the school community and the Head Student Team.

I study a unique mix of subjects, and after Newstead I would love to go on to University to study medicine. This is something I have thought about doing since I was little. More recently I saw a documentary about a hospital in Vietnam working with children affected by the aftermath of chemical weapons. This completely reaffirmed my passion and made me even more ambitious and driven to make a positive difference. Sometimes it is all too easy to forget how fortunate we are.

Alongside this I would also love to learn a second language (maybe Italian or French) and travel for a bit in Africa, I come from a (very large) South African family so it would be great to reconnect with my roots. When I’m not in school you can catch me out with my friends, watching Wes Anderson movies or reading books on the till at Oxfam on a Saturday.

I would love to think that I am an approachable student here, if you ever need any advice on A’levels or GCSE’s, friendship problems, if you want to know how I’m fulfilling my campaign promises, (or if you just want to know where I got my top from) feel free to stop me in the corridor and we can have a chat!

Thank you for giving me this responsibility, I won’t let you down!


Welcome from Ivana Kuric, Deputy Head Student

Subjects studied: English, French and Classical Civilisations

Hello! My name is Ivana and I am the Deputy Head Student. I am thrilled to have been chosen to represent my school. I will take on new responsibilities including organising the prom, yearbook, sixth form review and other public speaking events throughout the year. I am so lucky to be part of such a brilliant Head Student Team.

I absolutely adore the subjects I study, and I think they work fabulously together from 1940’s New Orleans to the violent suburbs of Paris in the 90’s, to the ancient world of Euripides and Sophocles. Studying these subjects has given me a new outlook on life and they have helped me develop and grow into the person I am today. I would love to go on to study Classical Civilisations at University as I believe that the Ancient Greek/Roman literature and Lifestyle is the basis to everything in the modern world we live in today. It would be my dream to become a Classics lecturer or even a Professor of Classics, so I can share my passion with other people. However, alongside this I would like to own a farm as I love agriculture and caring for animals!

In my spare time you can find me playing piano or flute and you can find me in various school bands/orchestras or performing in concerts. I am in two choirs: A chamber choir in school and a show choir out of school as well as running the newly formed Glee Club in school; music is a very important part of my life. I go for runs with my friends on a Saturday morning and I am part of a swimming club where I also volunteer as part of my gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. I love animals and nature, so you can always spot me at National Trust sites, farms or even goat sanctuaries! It is very important to relax and visit new and interesting places alongside studying for school.

I’m very down to earth and a friendly, bubbly person and I am always available for a chat about anything you want; but I warn you we could be chatting for hours as I’m quite talkative. Thank you for everyone who voted for me and I hope to do the best I can for the students and the school.



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